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Melt Pizza

June 26, 2014
Melt SIgn

If you follow me on Instagram, you will have seen a photo I took of a delicious looking pizza a few weeks back when Nathan and I popped into the newly opened Melt Pizza. Our pizzas were delicious and since then we have been meaning to return, so when I got an email from Dan, who owns Melt with his wife Elise, I was excited to find out more (and eat more delicious pizza).

Dan and Elise, came up with the concept for Melt as a pizza restaurant that focussed on producing healthy pizzas. They scoured different pizza restaurants and researched all the information they could find, discovering that pizza was originally invented in Naples as a fast and nutritious meal. They jumped on a plane and enrolled in The Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, where they learnt all the skills involved in making a traditional Napoletana Pizza, from dough stretching right down to the correct oven shape. As Dan says Melt serves “old style pizza in a new way”. I love the concept of being able to interact with the staff making your meal, and being able to be involved makes the whole experience more personable. 

Located at 171 Chapel Street, Melt was a short walk away for me. It was a freezing night when I visited and the warm lights and friendly greeting were a welcome respite from the chill outside. The first thing you will notice when you walk into Melt is that it not your average pizza place. You get to choose what you want on your pizza from the base sauce (choice of tomato, pesto or garlic) to the toppings and the cheese. Set up kind of like Subway (but oh so much better), you get to see the balls of dough being hand stretched and the staff are more than happy to give recommendations on toppings. For those who may not like decision making, they also have a menu with pizzas like Margherita and Roasted Pumpkin. There are also salad options and meatballs available for those who may not feel like pizza.

Pizza oven

It’s a pretty amazing experience watching the dough being hand stretched, going down the line and picking ingredients. By the time you are at the till to pay, your pizza is in a whopping 400 C wood fired oven and with a cooking time of an incredible two minutes (average bake time for most pizzas is 10-12  minutes), when you sit down it’s not long before your pizza appears in front of you.

pizza in oven

On Dans recommendation I try a pizza with a base of pesto, hot salami, roasted pumpkin, fresh mozzarella and fresh chilli. It is delicious, and though there is hit of heat, it is not overpowering. The thinner crust means that you don’t leave feeling overly full or bloated as some of the heavier thicker based crusts do. Definitely one to try.

Melt Pizza

The restaurant itself is an amazing space, light and airy with loads of lovely little details like terracotta tiles and hanging lights. They have several spaces in which to enjoy your pizza, including a courtyard and private room, which would be perfect for a group catchup.

Melt courtyard Melt tableMelt front of house

I had a lovely evening at Melt, while I ate my pizza I was able to observe others diners coming in and out. There were loads of regulars who popped in (always a good thing) as well as first timers, what stood out for me though was how everyone was greeted with a friendly smile and excellent service. Melt Pizza is  a great addition to the Windsor end of Chapel Street, and with pizzas ranging from $11 – $16 they are more than affordable. We will definitely be returning.

Eating with Katie dined as a very happy guest of Melt Pizza 

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  • Reply Chester June 26, 2014 at 8:09 am

    I love the concept of not only DIY pizza building but of healthy pizza… Glad you made the review because a name like ‘Melt’ doesn’t immediately scream healthy… It screams ‘BUTTER!’ Followed by a few wheezy breaths and then ‘CHEESE!’ … Myth busted though, I shall have to visit Melt 🙂

    • Reply Katie Horgan June 26, 2014 at 8:25 am

      It is definitely worth checking out, the bonus I think is that you can really have a play around with toppings.

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