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Corfu: St George’s Church

April 30, 2015
St George Church

Corfu was just a quick stop on our trip in Europe last year and although it was rather cold and rainy we still had a wonderful day.

We meandered through the Old¬†Fortress of Kerkyra where St George’s church is located. Built in 1840 by the British military, it was originally an Anglican church and was converted to a Greek Orthodox church in 1865.

It is a beautiful building and I took this photo, because it looks so much like one of the ancient Greek temples that I studied in school, particularly the large stone columns and the raking cornice. I went to a Greek primary school, so visiting Corfu and this beautiful church was very special to me and a visit I will always treasure.

We sat at a cafe overlooking the church, watching the storm clouds roll in before we headed into the old town of Corfu for some lunch. We got absolutely soaked by a deluge of rain and I had to take my shoes off to wade through the puddles. A lunch of slow roasted lamb and Mythos beer was a welcome reprieve before we bid goodbye to Corfu.



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